Keith Obleman


Keith Obleman, Associate

Languages: English

Specializations: Residential, Rural


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MaxWell Capital Realty (Crowfoot)

After 40 years as a Realtor I’ve come to realize that just pen and paper and interpersonal relationships don’t work quite the way they used to. Another revelation is that this internet thing is not a passing fad… I also realize that I need a social media presence to compete, along with the technical knowhow that is SO necessary in todays competitive market. (my first computer was an Etch-a-Sketch) I’m still “old school” in that I believe in meeting face to face, eye to eye but I have all the technical skills such as Docusign that have made it a lot easier, but without some of the rewards of the experience. During my 40 year career I’ve never had a complaint, in large part because I believe the old axiom and treat others the way I would choose to be treated. I also like to make the buying and selling experience fun – it’s serious business but it can and should be enjoyable.

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